Source Computer Services maintain business critical servers, computers and entire networks on a daily basis by using a discrete and invisible remote method to ensure networks perform at their very best and provide you with excellent service. Regular network maintenance is essential to any business with central servers, in most cases highly skilled Source Computer Services staff will spot and fix any issues that might arise before that they cause your business major down time.


ALL IN ONE support and service provider:


Source Computer Services design, build and support networks based on servers and computers built with Microsoft Windows operating systems. As a “Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist”, Source Computer Services has all the up-to-date operating systems and constantly attend training sessions for implementation and administration of Microsoft-built operating systems. Whether your computer environment consists of two or two hundred computers, we can provide you with time and money saving solutions. Both hardware and software can be provided by us. We have accounts with the main NZ wholesalers so we can provide you with affordable high quality components.


We integrate smartphones into your business which could allow you to run your business from anywhere. You could have your emails, internet and important documents with you at all times, you could even remote control your office computer from your smartphone as if you were sitting in front of it.


We have state of the art tools used during the process of recovering data from damaged hard drives and/or some other storage devices. Unfortunately there are too many cowboys in the IT industry losing customers data by not being highly experienced and not following industry procedures, should you be a victim of such unforeseen circumstances, come and see us immediately. Please note that data recovery is a very long and complicated process and there is a possibly that some data could be lost for ever depending on the state of the storage media. The best thing you could do to increase your chances of successful data recovery, is to bring your computer to us immediately once you realise that data has been lost, without attempting recovery yourself, as often this can lead to further data loss if you end up overwriting the data you are attempting to recover.


We can design and install custom CCTV / Security camera systems to suit your coverage/visibility requirements, IP/digital and analogue camera systems can be supplied with a custom built recording and playback DVR.


Source Computer Services can host domain with any domain extension,, .com or any other type. Our high quality Windows hosting will allow you to use ASP, MS Access and other technologies required for developing high quality, interactive web sites.


Email is an essential communication method for all businesses, a hosted domain and email address will make your correspondence appear more professional. Often, when changing internet providers you also have to change your email address and after getting a new one, you have to inform all your contacts about the change. By buying the domain name most relevant to your busienss, you get the ability to have as many as you like. All emails are filtered by our multiple spam filters to remove and block spam emails, which can be customised as required.



We specialise in building high quality and performance computers and laptops suitable for demanding business environments. Each computer is uniquely build to cater for each user’s individual needs. These computers will run well even with the most demanding applications running at the same time. If you want great results in the shortest possible period of time then this system is what you need. Professional virus removal, spyware removal, laptop repairs, computer repairs based in Pukekohe but we cover all of the Auckland and Waikato.


Consider the value of your data and if you would like to have more then one backup process in place for the security of your valuable data, Secure Off-site backups are another layer of protection for your data that would ensure your data is available even in the event of theft or fire or other total loss of physical hardware. Our remote backup stores your data in a secure location. Source Computer Services staff monitor and manage your remote backups on a daily basis giving you piece of mind about your backups, reports can be sent listing files that have/haven't been backed up.


We have developed our very own state of the art Anti-Spam system to get rid of those very annoying emails which you don’t want and that waste your time and internet bandwidth. We also offer various Anti-Spam systems to clients who have their own exchange server / host their own emails, we can route all your emails via our Anti-Spam server or lease you an in-house Anti-Spam solution.


VPN or Virtual Private Networking is a protocol which will ensure your remote offices are connected together and your data is secured by high level encryption. For example, you will be able to access data on any computer on your remote network  as if you were sitting in that office. Your data bases and important files can be just a double click away! Requirements for this type of connection are ADSL (or any kind of broadband) connections in both places and a few hardware devices to ensure your data is safe and encrypted, Higher upload speed connections are preferred to make the experience faster, 100Mbps UFB is ideal.
Cost of hardware and labour involved will depend on the number of offices (sites) you want connected, number of computers to set up and a couple of other factors. Please give us a call for more info and for a free quote.


We provide secure wireless networks and internet hotspots which could be used for advertising locally and/or providing your clients with free or paid internet access, and these systems can be customised to suit your requirements.

There are also many different wireless internet solutions available to home users and businesses.


VOIP is becoming more and more popular in New Zealand. By integrating voice and fax into an existing data network, businesses can realize substantial savings on interoffice and long distance as well as international toll charges. We can provide a customised solution to meet your requirements, feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss these options.


We provide all types of cloud solutions including but not limited to Office 365, Cloud storage, Cloud email hosting, etc which are infinitely scalable  to suit the needs of any type or size business. Sometimes a hybrid solution can be much better and cost effective solution. Each business has different needs, therefore we analyze and advise on the best solution for you.